About TwistyTee - A Shirt that serves a purpose

Meet The Team

Erika Frank

Erika was born and raised in the Chicagoland area. She and her husband are raising their two children in Wheaton, IL. Erika has been working in the travel industry since the age of 18 and is currently employed as an Administrator of a major Customer Relationship Management Platform. On the weekends, Erika is an active connoisseur of many twist-top beverages which led her to a partnership with her soul sister, Susan, and a quest to save the world, one shirt at a time. 

Susan Mordente

Susan has a keen intellect for marketing strategies, particularly in the hotel industry. As founder and principal of Susan Mordente Consulting, LLC, she is a highly motivated self-starter, with excellent strategic, analytical and organizational skills. She works with Sales and Marketing teams globally to maximize sales revenues. Also a twist-top beverage connoisseur, Susan resides in W. Palm Beach, FL, with her husband, John, and their son, Charlie.

Our Drinking Story

Many years ago, while sitting at a bar, we went on a rant about twist top beers. As we drank, we exchanged complaints such as "Why are the caps so hard to twist?", "Why does my hand feel like it is going to bleed every time I twist a cap? Wait, is it bleeding??", or "I used my shirt and now it’s ripped!", and all ending with "I just want to drink my beer!". The solution to these issues seemed obvious, but we were just not in a place to test the waters on such a theory.

Now 6 years later, we decided to go for the gold and are beginning to manufacture TwistyTees! The TwistyTee is a cool, comfy t-shirt or tank with a tear-resistant grip patch inside.  See…totally obvious solution!

As a startup company our styles are limited, but we hope to expand to many more shirt styles and other apparel as our company grows. We are happy to customize shirts for you: anything from a company logo, bar logo, Fraternity/Sorority, family reunion, clever saying, you name it!

Although we always think it is best to stick with beer, the TwistyTee works on water bottles, milk jugs and all other twist off tops.  It will even open pain reliever bottle after a night of heavy twisting.